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Your IS Investment "Just Right"

Information Security Risks are increasing rapidly.

Safeguarding all data at the highest level is no longer realistic or even possible.

Why build Fort Knox if you are not protecting gold?

Your Information Security investment must be right-sized or you will incur increased COST and RISK:

  • Too much can be costly and a hindrance to business
  • Too little can leave an organisation exposed to major threats.

Achieving the right balance is essential if an organisation is to protect itself.

Linus Secure uses a proven methodology and process to answer the most important question in Information Security – HOW MUCH SECURITY IS ENOUGH?

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Linus Secure has been used in numerous commercial and government organisations to define the right security investment.

Actual results include:

  • Savings of millions of dollars by determining a more cost-effective solution

  • Identifying a non-IT security control to resolve a major security exposure at no cost to the organisation

  • Conducting risk assessments on established systems, identifying any gaps and enabling limited resources to focus on critical areas only

Linus Secure can also help you to

  • Resolve stalemates between business and IT stakeholders

  • Defend security decisions against audit recommendations

  • Establish a successful business case to purchase required security technologies

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