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Linus Secure

Linus Secure is a sophisticated Information Security Management System (ISMS) that produces a defensible Business Case and saves you money by:

  • Accurately analysing your information

  • Identifing your most critical data and where it resides

  • Matching your data with the optimal Security Controls to ensure full protection for the lowest $ spend.

The Linus Secure Software, using the Linus Secure Methodology, ensures that your organisation can be confident that it has full control over its data and that it is fully protected at minimal cost.

Linus Secure allows huge cost savings to be realised when unecessary IS Controls are removed, for example:

A $2 Million recommendation was replaced by a $2,000 solution using Linus Secure.

Linus Secure is revolutionary.

  • Linus Secure saves you money by finding the optimal balance of Information Security Controls to be applied to your most critical information assets to reduce security risks to acceptable levels

  • Linus Secure aligns Information Security controls with business requirements

  • Linus Secure is state-of-the-art technology developed by domain experts which will guide you through the Information Security analysis process

  • Linus Secure aligns with international Information Security Standards (such as ISO 27000, ISO 31000, PSPF, NIST and Privacy) and applies equally well to all security control systems – physical or logical.

Linus Secure saves money by:

  • Determining more cost-effective solutions
    Saved millions of dollars in a government organisation - $2 Million solution replaced by $2,000 solution thanks to Linus Secure

  • Resolving stalemates in IT projects between the Business and IT stakeholders
    A 6 month, ongoing dispute was resolved in 2 weeks using Linus Secure

  • Identifying the most appropriate Controls, including non-IT security controls, to resolve major security exposure at the lowest cost
    Linus Secure recommended centralised data entry which removed the need for expensive remote authentication of users

  • Defending security decisions against unbalanced, non-holistic audit recommendations
    Simple physical controls were recommended by Linus Secure instead of radical, irrelevant changes to password systems

  • Establishing a successful business case for purchasing required security technologies
    Focussed, defensible analysis allowed fast tracking of budget with unanimous stakeholder agreement.

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