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Fight the right fire

Do you want to improve the Security effectiveness, and the level of protection, to your organisation?
Do you know where to start?

Information Security is often measured by how quickly and effectively emerging security threats are resolved, but this is simply putting out spot fires without understanding which blazes are most relevant to your organisation.

While you may be very busy and adding value, the reality is that you may not be spending your efforts in the right places and the value you are adding may be well below what it could be.

At this ground-breaking Workshop you will learn:

  • The truth about the Security landscape;
  • How to identify the right fires to fight; and
  • How to fight the right fires most effectively.

We will not sell you another Firewall or end-point solution. 
We will help you understand what Security is required where, and how to work out which solution is the best to address your situation.

You will leave this Workshop with repeatable, proven methods to answer the biggest question in Information Security

Workshop Agenda:

  • The truth about the Security landscape
    • Understanding the Security landscape
    • Security Control limitations

  • How to identify the right fires to fight
    • Data Sensitivity Analysis
    • Data Storage Locations
    • Access Environment

  • How to fight the right fires most effectively
    • Control Rating and Selection
    • Dynamic Modelling
    • Tools

Workshop details:

Date: Tuesday 13th October 2015
Time: 2pm to 4pm
Venue: Melbourne CBD
  Details will be advised following registration
Cost: Free


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